Shipping FAQs

Q:  How are shipping costs calculated?  

A:  UPS calculates shipping based on weight, dimensions, total united inches, commercial vs. residential, distance from shipper to destination, and requested delivery date. Upon request, we can reduce material size to decrease shipping costs.


Q:  Can you ship items internationally?

A:  Currently we are not able to fulfill orders shipping outside of the US.


Q:  Do you offer next day air or overnight shipping?

A:  If an order is submitted by 2 p.m. (CST), it will typically ship same-day via UPS Ground, 3-5 business day delivery. We also offer options for 2 business day and 1 business day delivery, and can ship overnight or next day air for an additional charge. Please note your order number and send an email to websales@copeplastics.com with your requirements if options not available online. If we cannot meet your request, one of our plastics specialists will contact you. 


Q:  Can you ship to P.O. Boxes?

A:  Yes, via USPS, but this option is not available online. Please contact websales@copeplastics.com to complete your order.


Q:  Can orders be retrieved from a local branch office?

A:  When an order is placed online, there is no minimum order amount imposed, but if you wish to pick-up at a one of our branch locations, there is a $100 minimum requirement


Ordering and Payment FAQs

Q:  How can I order full size stock?

A:  Due to UPS shipping restrictions, packages over 166 total united inches cannot be sent, and any package over 130 total united inches incurs substantial oversize charges, so this material is not currently available through our website. If you would like to order an oversized item, please contact websales@copeplastics.com and shipment via LTL or pick-up at a branch location can be arranged.


Q:  We are tax-exempt—how can I submit verification?

A:  When placing an order online, please indicate in the NOTES box during check-out that tax should not be charged and submit your state tax-exemption letter to websales@copeplastics.com. This documentation will remain on your account for future purchases until expiration.


Q:  How do I cancel or change an order I placed online?

A:  If an order needs to be changed for any reason (i.e. additional or different material needed, change of ship-to address, etc.), please contact us at websales@copeplastics.com or 888-324-2673 as soon as possible. Cancellation of an order is subject to charge, including restocking and administrative fees. If an order has already left our warehouse, it cannot be changed or cancelled. See our Return Policy.


Q:  How can I check the status of my web order?

A:  If you’ve created an account, go to store.copeplastics.com and Sign In at the top of the page. Verify that your order was completed by selecting ‘Order History’ under ‘My Account’. Contact websales@copeplastics.com for a UPS tracking number if your order has not arrived in the designated shipping period.


Q:  What should I do if I received the wrong items or only part of my order?

A:  If you’ve created an account, go to store.copeplastics.com and Sign In at the top of the page. Verify the items purchased by selecting the correct order under ‘Order History’. If there is a discrepancy, contact websales@copeplastics.com right away.


Q:  Are there payment options other than credit card?

A:  A credit card is required to complete your order online. Plastic only here!


Q:  What is your Return Policy?

A:  Cope Plastics, Inc. will work with our customers to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction. We take pride in and accept responsibility for our products. On orders shipped in error, we will issue full credit, including reasonable charges for freight.  Returns for other reasons will be subject to certain conditions. A Return Authorization Number must be obtained prior to any return shipments.  Some materials may not be returnable. Some materials may be subject to restocking charges.


Q:  How long will it take for me to receive my web order?

A:  Most material will deliver within 2-5 business days after receipt of order. For cut-to-size or custom cut orders, there may be additional time needed. A plastics specialist will contact you if necessary.



Further Assistance FAQs

Q:  If I would like to contact someone in sales or customer service, who do I contact?

A:  If you are part of a business and are interested in setting up an account to purchase full size and/or bulk sheet, rod, or tube stock and/or would like a quote for custom fabrication, fill out our Contact Us form and a local branch will be in contact as soon as possible.


If you would like to make a one-time or retail purchase, please email us at websales@copeplastics.com and a plastics specialist will contact you shortly.


Q:  If I can’t find what I’m looking for on your site, what should I do?

A:  Though we carry dozens of materials in a multitude of dimensions, there are thousands of plastics in existence, so we cannot stock them all. Our inventory does change regularly, so please check back, fill out our Contact Us form, or email us at websales@copeplastics.com.  A Cope representative will reply to you shortly.


Customization FAQs

Q:  Do you offer custom fabrication and/or cutting?

A:  If you need material cut-to-size, after you add the item(s) to your cart, you will have the ability to enter specific cutting instructions in the NOTES box during check-out. If you need multiple cuts, please list all requirements. Straight cuts only. Rod and tube will be rough cut. Remember, measure twice!

Cut restrictions:

Maximum Height: 2” sheet, 2”OD rod/tube

Minimum Width: 3”

Minimum/Maximum Length: 6”/ 120”

Best tolerance: +-.060”


If you need custom fabrication or finished fabricated parts, please fill out our Contact Us  form. A plastics specialist will contact you to discuss specifications and request your drawing.


Q:  How do I calculate the number of finished pieces I can yield out of a sheet?

A:  First, you must consider the saw kerf (material lost from the saw blade). Our saw blades are typically .187” wide. To calculate yield, add the width of the saw blade to the width and length of your cut piece dimensions. You can utilize the full width and length of the sheet size by letting us know that you can accept pieces being “saw cut undersized” in the cutting instructions box. If so, your finished pieces will be slightly undersized by approximately .125” - .187”. 


For yield, divide the width of finished pieces into the width of the material and multiply by the length of finished pieces divided into the length of material. (Add 0.187” to the length & width of each piece for saw kerf).
Example: Finished pieces are 6.5” x 15.5” and starting sheet size is 48” x 96”
48” / 6.687” = 7 pieces

96” / 15.687” = 6 pieces
7 pieces x 6 pieces = 42 total finished pieces at 6.5” x 15.5” from a 48” x 96” sheet